Short characterization NED





The Dutch team, a well working mixture of experienced (libero player No. 10 van Tienen, setter player No. 14 Fledderus, quick attacker player No. 15 Visser) and young, ambitious players (e. g. player No. 16 Stam, player No. 11 Wensink and particularly diagonal player No. 12 Flier) ranked 8th, thus confirming their position among the top ten of the current world ranking.


With an average of 25 years the teams ranks in the middle of the ten best teams regarding the age structure. With their physical conditions (average BH: 185 cm, four players over 190 cm) they are fully competitive for the play at the net (attack, block), maybe except the small setter (disadvantages in the block).


The compact teamwork and the fighting spirit of the team in the decisive moments and phases of a match (e. g. versus CHN and GER) should be emphasized. The team enjoys a very jointly organized management under the careful and balanced direction of the young A. Seliger (similar to the coaching style of his father) providing competent accompaniment.


In the preliminaries, NED nearly brought BRA to the verge of defeat, and they succeeded in turning the important matches versus GER and CHN in their favour. The solid level of performance in Complex I constituted its basis (teams ranking reception: third place, balanced and clear organization of set by Fledderus, attacking potential especially from player 4 Staelens and player 12 Flier, combined with quick attack of the block players).


The performances and the ability to improve in Complex II are even more remarkable (motivated defence pushed by the outstanding libero van Tienen with first class diagonal defence, aggressive and variable outside and back court attack - long line, touch the block).


The targeted serving technique is mainly realized by skilled jump floats (4 players), completed by the powerful and fairly stable power jump serve of player 12 Flier, and is obviously useful for preparing chances for the successful attacking transition.


The team enlivened the 2006 WCh with several spectacular matches. NED deserved this final rank for which they had competed with mental strength, a well organized, simple play concept and several players whose individual potential promises a further improvement of their performances.