Short characterization CHN





After winning the gold medal at the OG 2004, CHN seems to focus on achieving top performances. As host of the OG 2008 they are qualified, and they have tested players No. 1 Wang (born in 1988, body height 190 cm, attacker) and No. 17 Xu (born in 1987, body height 196 cm, middle blocker) as regular players for one of the middle positions and one of the outside positions.


Regardless of the primary orientation towards the 2008 OG, their 5th place – caused by decisive defeats against GER and NED – was disappointing. That was revealed by emotional reaction of the team which appears mentally stable.


Their age structure (average age 24.8 years, min. 19 – max. 28; 28-year-old player very experienced setter) and their body height (average BH 186 cm, second-tallest team, 3 efficient young players of more than 190 cm) provide the general conditions for a successful link between playful elements and the „trump cards“ of women’s power volleyball. For this, CHN has a physically and technically very balanced team.


Their serving is an efficient combination of jump float, jump top as well as of float backline and distance (teams ranking: place 2). Several players do risk serves (jump power and controlled). However, with good quality of the serves, their tactics are not so targeted. Player No. 5 Chu is substitute server in suitable situations.


All pass hitters are good receivers, with the libero trying to cover a large area of the court. The players demonstrate an excellent and efficient passing technique (team ranking: place 1, nearly 70% excellent, only 3% errors). Like in court defence, too, they mostly take an optimal position and they have good body and ball contacts for precise actions.


Player 2 Feng has been starting setter for six years and has helped the team very much as captain and as reliable lead player particularly during the first round. Her setting excels by situational distribution of sets and accuracy. At the same time, with her body height of 183 cm, she is a good blocker.


Off solid defence fast and flexible offence with excellent feeling of the game is developed. Time differential combination attack with middle and right, well controlled shot and “moving ball around” technique together with explosive completion of attack from pos. 4 (alternatively long line or diagonal) characterize their attack.


The block captivates by good positioning and attentive eye work (visualization) to be able to watch the opponent’s attack. There is adaptation of blocking and defence behaviour.