Short characterisation BRA





Dynamic, powerful, and enthusiastic teamplay, universal playing ability both in offensive and defensive, fine tactical adaptation as well a plenty of equivalent players have been the prominent features of a well developed and experienced Brazilian team (average age: 26 years). Based on an attractive unity of realistic organization of play, clever lead by the coaches and emotional manner of playing with great variety of actions they would also have been able to become worldchampion. The plan of play is founded on informatics-assisted scouting (video, statistical data etc.), which contributed to the organisation of the team’s performance.


The majority of the Brazilian players are “natural” volleyball players. They present “total” volleyball. With the exception of one middle player (player 9 Claudino) they are not so tall (average body height without libero: 183 cm).


The tactical targeted serving is a mix of current techniques, and it is supported by coach’s instructions. As a whole their serving has rather been conservative, without new accents (with the exception of jump top spin serves, e. g. player 10).


The main reception players 10 (player 3), player 12 and player 14 (libero) demonstrated excellent passing technique, mostly in normal 3-player reception formation.

When possible the passing attacker was relieved. BRA was No. 2 of the teams ranking (67% : 4%).  Players 12 Carvalho (best receiver) and 10 Gonzaga (place 4) have determined the high level in this skill at leading positions.


BRA brought their veteran setter player 7 Souza back. Her setting skills and tactics were excellent (good location and selection of sets). Regarding distribution of sets BRA distinguishes itself from all the other top teams by the high portion of first tempo attacks in front of setter in C1 and C2 (in the two finals 19% and 14%). Long sets outside, also from non-optimum positions, were played powerfully with medium-high or low trajectory.


BRA’s attacking was characterized as a whole by powerfull and variable shots with good tool shot (touch-out, wipe-off, high hands shot etc.) and well controlled direction shot. Back row attack was efficiently used in C1 und C2. From good ball control in defence, they consistently looked for very fast offence. Double substitution (setter and opposite) has been working well for them and has strengthened the offensive play.


Tactical adaptation by the rotation and point situation (supported by coach’s instructions) was very effective. Similar to other teams, they gave signs. With player 1 „Walewska“, BRA, had an extraordinary block player - equivalent to the German Chr. Fürst - (place 2), and the young middle blocker player 9 (born in 1985, 193 cm) added blocking strength to the team.


The well organized and flexible defence system (block-backcourt defence-coordination) was characterized by quick movement and good positioning (use of efficient standing techniques) and quick actions in all directions and at all levels (very “open” techniques from low defence to actions “above head”).