Short characterisation SCG






Under the direction of new coach Igor Kolakovic, Vladimir Grbic (player 10) came back into the well-prepared team (average age 27.6 years). Player 18 Podrascanin, 19 years old and the youngest player of the first 10 teams, succeeded in becoming the sixth of the regular players (middle of the block), of which five had already been the regular players at the 2002 World Championships. The outstanding individual specialists around the Grbic brothers are clever and experienced; however, there adequate substitutes are not available. In direct competition the team was only defeated by teams placed before them (0:3 POL; 1:3 BRA und 1:3 BUL).


The team was not able to put their opponents under pressure by forceful and variable jump serves, particularly by Miljkovic, as they had used to (team place 8; player 14 Miljkovic - place 69 with 2 successes/17 faults!). Nevertheless, the team utilizes their variants of serve with tactical cleverness; however, the ratio of efficiency and error rate is not optimal.


Regardless of the kind of serve, the team is always passing in 3-player formation with player 8 libero Samardzic covering more than 50 % of the court. With him and player 10 V. Grbic, the team has two of the top ten receivers (team place 2).


With Nikola Grbic, the team has a brilliant setter and strategist (place 2 of best setters), and with his performance in the other skills, he is very valuable for the team. He distributes the sets cleverly, and relative to the players, he varies height and speed of sets. He plays first tempo along the entire width of the net and he joins in the attack (72 % efficiency).


From reception they prepare attack cleverly; the organization of sets it adapted to the players’ individual abilities.


First tempo attack (69 % success, 5 % faults) and back court attack are their particular strengths. Behind BRA, SCG was honoured as the second best team of the ranking “attack”, and with player 14 Miljkovic and player 13 Vujevic, they have two of the best individual attackers (ranking: places 4 and 8).


The organisation of block-court defence is adapted to the serving tactics; all defending positions of the players are assigned to their functions in play and are mostly maintained. In attacking transition semi-high and high sets to the outside positions are dominating. SCG relies on the individual brilliance of Miljkovic by utilizing his outstanding physical abilities, great variability, aggressiveness, and striking force in concluding attack.