Short characterisation POL






Under coach Lozano, Poland has developed into a mentally tough and strong team with a modern playing concept. He is relying on an experienced and well-prepared team consisting of two age blocks (average age: 27 years). They have an above-average tall and strong pool of players (200 cm) with important players like Swiderski player 13 (place 3 in attack), Winiarski player 2 (place 3 in reception) as well as Wlazly player 10 in outside and back court attack. Player 5 Zagumny has matured into the best setter in the world and directed the team brilliantly. With only 3 lost sets and one defeat in the final against BRA (0:3), POL is belonging to the climbers of the WCh.


The Polish players impress with a good mixture of varied jump serves. If tactically necessary they switch over to jump float. Player 5 Zagymny is consistently performing jump float serves and with tactical cleverness. Player 11 Kadziewicz, one of the best middle blockers, is one of the few players who serve very successfully in jump serve (ranking place 2).


In general, Poland receives in 3-player formation; in case of jump float they switch over to 2-player formation, partly without libero. With 50.8 % of excellent actions, libero player 15 Gacek is below the teamís average (55.7 %).


The experienced and reliable setter Zagumny helps his attackers to successfully conclude the attack with a precise and clever distribution of sets adapted to the match situation. The speed of sets is well adapted to the individual players; the set for the back-court attack of both receivers/outside attackers over the middle of the net is cleverly integrated.


Attack is well developed from the reception formations which are typical for menís volleyball and the players are utilized with smart substitution. From excellent reception Zagumny rather prefers first tempo, with the tendency of 2-4 metres distance from the setter. He sets balls from the middle of the court by classical high diagonal to the outside attackers and/or to player 10 Wlazly (opposite), who are able to prevail over block formations with above-average athletics and many solution options.


With their efficient serves they are able to put in their physical and technical strengths in the group block and at the outside positions successfully. Defence is strictly bound to positions; libero Gacek at pos. 5 and setter Zagumny at pos. 1 are particularly successful against diagonal attacks. In attacking transition, Poland prefers first tempo in freeballs; after successful defence and coverage Zagumny utilizes the powerful outside attackers.