Short characterisation ITA






With almost constantly playing starting six Italy continued relying on elderly (average age 30.1 years), seasoned and experienced players (on average nearly 200 international matches). The team around setter Player 5 Vermiglio is brilliantly well rehearsed and has first class tactical abilities. However, with players 6 Papi and 8 Cisolla, they could not utilize the game conceptual opportunities from back court attack pos. 6 (pipe) sufficiently. Their extremely well functioning scouting system and the players’ very good understanding of tactics make Italy an always dreaded tournament team. After three defeats, two of them ending 2:3 (BUL and FRA), the team was placed 5th only.


Particularly in order to restrict the opponent’s options of attack, the Italian players utilize purposefully with tactical orientation a variable mixture of current serving techniques. When tactically necessary, the service positions were varied. Short jump float serves to the front players have often been an effective means.


Independently of the opponent’s kind of serve, Italy passes constantly in the 3-player formation with libero player 12 Corsano (52 % efficiency) covering about 50 % of the area. Together with player 8 Cisolla (58 % efficiency), they determine the passing performance of the team (team ranking: place 7).


Experienced setter player 5 Vermiglio plays as reliably as he used to, with precise sets and speed of sets adapted to the individual outside attackers. His sets from different positions within the 3-metre area are not easy to foresee; he distributes the sets with tactical and strategic skillfulness during the game.


With good reception, the nearly perfectly realized basic combinations are presented by speedy sets to the outside positions, also via opposite player 14 Fei. Players 1 Mastrangelo and 15 Semenzato complete the net attack with an efficient first tempo attack. In back court attack (pos. 1) the successful Fei (best spikers: rank 5) contributes to the good overall performance (team ranking: place 5).


The team prepares their block defence behaviour intelligently with tactical serves. The basic position of the blockers (close, distant or shifted) depends on the opponent’s serve and attacking options. The outside blockers provide support in an exemplary manner; when possible, a 3-player block is formed. After free balls and excellent defence, Italy performs speedy sets to the outside positions.