Short characterisation FRA






The French team embodies power volleyball presented with playful elements. In connection with creative and surprising solutions of situations of attack, their play is flexible and unpredictable. Player 7 captain Antiga, and players 9 Granvorka and 17 Kieffer, with their experience and practice, lead the team which is staffed with younger players (average age: 26 years) and physically very small. With one defeat each in the preliminary, intermediate and final rounds, the team placed 6th behind Italy.


With four players executing efficient jump serves (with power and with variable spin) and two players executing jump float serves (Antiga and player 15 Samica), France put the opponent’s build-up play under pressure (team ranking: place 2).  


At jump serves, the French receivers act in 3-player formation, at jump float serves they tend to 2-player formations with Antiga (61 % efficiency) and libero player 18 Exiga (57 % efficiency) taking the responsibility.


The younger setter player 13 Pujol (born in 1984) was given preference before player 11 Le Marrec (born in 1977), and he convinced with good distribution of balls and quality of sets. His sets are technically accurate, his posture is neutral, and so the direction of set is can hardly be foreseen.


From typical reception formations they present a simple and clearly structured attacking play, in which - beside the excellent Antiga - player 9 Granvorka and 15 Samica play a central role in outside and back court attacks. First tempo at in-between positions (2-4 meters distance to the setter) with players 5 Vadeleux and 17 Kieffer is a core piece of their attacks from reception. The versatile repertoire of completing attacks when confronted with formed group blocks at outside positions deserves special mentioning.


Their efficient serves provide them with advantages in the block formation. In block they prefer a close to medium starting position, only setter player 13 Pujol starts farther outside and intervenes rarely.


Libero player 18 Exiga defends at position 5 – he exchanges the defending position with Antiga and goes to position 6. In attacking transition they try to realize a quick play over the middle of the net and the outside positions. Granvorka and Antiga are responsible for difficult balls.