Short characterisation BUL






Former national player Martin Stoev formed Bulgaria into a well organized, disciplined team with tactical intelligence. Beside player 17 Konstantinov, he relied mostly on experienced and seasoned players (average age 27 years) as BRA and POL did too, with an average body height of 198 cm. With player 6 Kaziyski (born in 1984), only one younger player played as passing outside position within the regular six; he is among the best 10 in the ranking lists of all skills. With only one defeat in the preliminaries (1:3 BRA) and one in the final round (1:3 POL), and richly deserved, the Bulgarians won the bronze medal at the end of the tournament.


The Bulgarian players, above all player 6 Kaziyski (best server) and player 11 Nikolov put their opponents under enormous pressure by intense jump serves (powerful and with spin) and so provided advantages in block defence. Player 2 Tsvetanov and player 15 Gaydarski completed the very positive total balance (team place 1) by tactical jump float serves.


With the most important receivers player 17 Konstantinov (Players Ranking: place 2) and Salparov (Libero player 13), the team demonstrated a decent passing performance from a stable 3-player formation (also 2-player formation at jump float serves).


The yet inexperienced setter player 3 Zhekov played self-confidently and reliably, with precise sets to the outside positions, in quick and low combination set above the  head (pos. 2 and back court 1), which is typical for the Bulgarians. His sets are technically neat and smooth; his posture reveals only little about the intended direction of set. 


Their attacks from reception are simply and clearly structured, but at the same time characterized by high precision and outstanding athleticism. In attacks from reception, basic combinations at the net dominate with 80 %; only a little more than 20 % are back court attacks. First tempo attack is mainly played from excellent passing with player 6 Kaziyski only being involved in back court attack via pos. 6.


Their outstanding service efficiency (> 50%) provides them with a rather large portion of simple block defence situations. However, there did not succeed in converting this advantage into higher efficiency in the skills block and defence (team rankings place 6 and 7). 


Libero player 13 Salparov surveys the game and defends with quick reactions; attacking transition is preferably concluded from semi-high and high sets via the outside positions.