Short characterisation BRA






Brazil has demonstrated power volleyball in a witty way of playing, characterized by elements of surprise and creativity. Coach Rezende relied on an experienced pool of players (average age: 29.0 years) and on regular players making a good team around setter Ricardo. Although they belong to the teams with a small body height (194 cm), BRA has strong individual players with balanced options of substitution. BRA has often realized a double substitution with setter (Elgarten player 2) and opposite player (Rodrigues player 11) at diagonal position. After a defeat in the preliminaries (1:3 against FRA) the team commanded the play and lost only two sets for the rest of the tournament. 


The great variety of the team’s repertoire of serves was convincing. There is a balance between jump serves (with power, with spin and controlled) and jump float serves. They prefer tactical serves with low risk; if necessary the players alter the kind of serve or the serving position.


With 55.5 % excellent actions (libero player 10 Santos with 59 % place 10 of players’ ranking) in the 3-player-reception formation (jump float occasionally 2-player-formation) and 4 % errors BRA showed an average performance.


With player 17 Ricardo BRA possesses an outstanding setter (ranking: place 3) who is able to realize perfectly the philosophy of fast and varied play. He is distributing his sets with intelligence and so he puts his team-mates into the limelight with an optimum quality of sets from all positions from the 3-m-area. He often creates elements of surprise for the opponent. Irrespective of the length his sets are long and smooth.


The clearly structured attack is characterized by a well organized distribution of roles and tasks with multiple individual options of solution. The almost perfectly played attacking combinations are mainly performed by speedy sets to the outside positions and varying combination play over the middle of the net (excellent link between first tempo and back-court attack). BRA is the most efficient team in attacking (58% success, 13% errors) and with Dante (61%) and Godoy (58%) they have the best spikers.


BRA relies on a well organized and opponent-specific system where player 10 Santos is mostly defending at position 5. Brilliant reaction and mobility as well as excellent ball handling characterize the defence behaviour of nearly all players in the area close to body. One qualitative feature of the Complex II attack is the quick play in attacking transition with a small portion of attacks from high sets (< 25%).