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Educational material
The FIVB has in the last few years invested into new teaching material and made new resources available through
the internet and its own webpage. It is a requirement that coaches benefit and utilize the best practice examples
from the world best Volleyball players by accessing this material that is a part of the FIVB technical website as
an open resource for National Federations, players, coaches and officials. This material is now the basis for the
teaching Volleyball during FIVB coaching courses and can be accessed in the FIVB website at:
We play it Cool the new FIVB campaign to attract the youth to participate in volleyball and beach volleyball. Cool
Volley is a proactive development tool aimed at assisting National Federations to recruit youth through their
projects at a national level. Each Federation can download a complete set of the Cool Volley campaign and rebrand
it in line with its needs and goals. Cool Volley promotes volleyball as an easy, fun, and competitive way of playing.
The detailed teaching material can be accessed and downloaded from the FIVB website at:
Extensive material and best practice examples on School Volleyball (teaching videos, and power point slideshows),
also exist in the FIVB website through various presentations fromNational Federations experts that can be accessed
from the FIVB website at:
The above material is now a part of the electronic teaching library that is used during FIVB courses. The content
of the electronic teaching library is developing rapidly with needed changes and new material.
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