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mikasa   The objectives of the course are as follows:
  1. To improve the knowledge and competence of coaches and teachers so that they may gain recognition as FIVB coaches.
  1. To present the most recent trends of the modern game of Volleyball.
  1. To establish in so far as possible a unified system for training coaches in all zones.
  1. To enable each National Federation to develop national courses and an internal method of training and qualifying coaches and teachers.
  1. To exchange ideas and experiences.
Type of courses:      
  • Level I
Basic Volleyball techniques and preparation of a team
Written and practical exams
Duration: 12 days (including 1 rest day)
  • Level II
Coaching of advanced level teams
Written and practical exams
Duration: 13 days (including 1 rest day)
* Participants must have passed Level I to enter Level II
  • Level III
Coaching of high level teams and preparation or direction of national coach programmes
Exam project
Duration: 8 days
* Participants must have passed Level II to enter Level III
The FIVB Technical Seminars programme is intended for technicians (with experience as Volleyball players and/or coaches) looking to improve their knowledge and competences of the different Volleyball techniques.

These seminars usually feature world-renowned Volleyball coaches and instructors and associate players for practical demonstrations.
Type of Volleyball Technical Seminars: Other Technical Seminars:
  • Setting
  • Defense/Serve and Reception/Libero
  • Outside Hitter/Serve
  • Middle player (block/attack)
  • VIS (Volleyball Information System)
  • Beach Get Involved
  • Teachers
  • Players
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Coaches Courses and Technical Seminars

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Technical Seminars Documents

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