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   (A new version will be published in spring 2011)
Chapter 1 System and Organization of a National Federation by FIVB
Chapter 2 Development and Status of Volleyball by Horst Baacke
Chapter 3 The Role of the Coach by Yuri Tchesnokov
Chapter 4 Function and Moral Principles of a Coach by Yuan Weimin
Chapter 5 Characteristics in Training Women Volleyball Players by Yuan Weimin
Chapter 6 Rules of the Game by Kyuzo Ikeda
Chapter 7 Refereeing Techniques: Instructions for Coaches for Better Officiating by Endre Holvay and Kyuzo Ikeda
Chapter 8 Mini-Volleyball by Horst Baacke
Chapter 9 Volleyball for Beginners by Hiroshi Toyada
Chapter 10 Introductory Methods for Beginners by Hiroshi Toyada
Chapter 11 Theory of Basic Individual Techniques by Hiroshi Toyoda
Chapter 12 Technical Development of the Volleyball Player by Charles Cardinal
Chapter 13 Teaching Basic Individual Techniques by Hiroshi Toyoda
Chapter 14 Basic Team Formation in Volleyball by Hiroshi Toyoda
Chapter 15 Basic Team Systems and Tactics by Douglas Beal
Chapter 16 The Training Session by Charles Cardinal
Chapter 17 Practice and Drills Design by Bill Neville
Chapter 18 Theory of Training by Miloslav Ejem
Chapter 19 Theory of Physical Preparation for Volleyball by Thomas Tait
Chapter 20 Cooperation of Team Doctor and Coach In The Prevention of Injuries by Andrea Ferretti
Chapter 21 Warming-Up and Cooling Down Exercises by Masaru Saito
Chapter 22 Acute Traumatic Injuries in Volleyball by Andrea Ferretti

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