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This material is intended for National Federations, coaches, players or anyone else who is not able to attend major competitions such as the World Championships.

The purpose is very simple: to demonstrate the achievements of best teams and players, thus helping Federations and coaches to attain high level Volleyball. Our sport has become more spectacular and more competitive, following the rule changes adopted over the last few years. The new rally point system, the creation of the libero - the seventh player of the team, make Volleyball more dynamic. The struggle for the top places has become more intense and the will and the courage to win can now rival superior strength or technique.

The film is presented as a story where the actors are the players and coaches within their natural competitive environment. Only the best show their personal techniques and tactics and share with us their emotion either in victory or defeat. The top level is demonstrated by both the dramatic moments of a match and the cheerful atmosphere as shown in the presentation clip. The video cassette is accompanied by a technical brochure which serves as support to the image and the words.

The CD-Rom has a more
educational purpose: interactivity links the different aspects of the game to the presentation of teams, statistics and those interviewed.  The technical and tactical sequences are the result of thorough analysis. Although they look obvious, they are the result of daily training over several years.

The above three productions will help the viewer to appreciate the players’ role and techniques through their specific positions: setter, receiver-attacker, libero and others, and to observe the best teams in the various phases of the game: service, reception, attack, block and defence.


If you would like to purchase a copy of the material for yourself, you are able to do so by forwarding an email to  Please tell us which country you would like the goods delivered to so we can inform you of the shipping costs.

The cost is 25 CHF (US$20) for either the Video and brochure or the CD-Rom separately, or 40 CHF (US$30) for the complete set (shipping costs not included).