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The proper organisation of a Volleyball event is a fundamental factor in the development of the sport itself and of any National Federation.

The preparation and organisation should be adapted to each country and to each level of development. The aim is to adjust the means available to the goals that have been set. It is always possible, even with limited means, to take small steps to promote development.

Needs and limitations should not be viewed as obstacles. They should be considered as difficulties that may be overcome, even if this means curtailing initial aims.

Each Federation should come up with answers based on its own situation and identify areas of development enabling it to draw up planning strategies for the organisation of tournaments and national Championships. In so doing, it should take into account all of the human resources available – players, coaches, referees and managers – which are the team’s driving force. It should not forget the supporters who feed the flame of this sport and are essential for its development.

The next step is submitting an initial plan for the development of the sport.

This plan should include all the logistical, administrative and operational aspects linked to its realisation, and should detail the conditions required to ensure that it may be implemented with minimum human and material resources.

A pragmatic vision is essential to succeed in the shortest timeframe.

After this initial stage, the main issues are how and where to begin.

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