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2008 Calendar 

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From To Country Category Language(s)
11-Fev 16-Fev Niger Young Players French
22-Fev 27-Fev Ecuador Teachers Spanish
1-Mar 6-Mar Trinidad & Tobago Beach English
1-Mar 6-Mar Palau , Rep. of Beach English
15-Mar 20-Mar Panama Teachers Spanish
16-Mar 21-Mar Equatorial Guinea Teachers Spanish
17-Mar 22-Mar Yemen Young Players English
22-Mar 27-Mar Cape Verde,Republic of Coaches Spanish
24-Mar 29-Mar Madagascar Young Players French
1-Apr 6-Apr Laos, D.P.R. Refereeing English
7-Apr 12-Apr Sri Lanka Beach English
7-Apr 14-Apr Pakistan Coaches English
14-Apr 19-Apr Seychelles Refereeing English
16-Apr 21-Apr Rwanda Refereeing French
21-Apr 26-Apr Haiti Refereeing French
21-Apr 26-Apr Fiji Refereeing English
29-Apr 4-May Tonga Refereeing English
6-May 11-May Philippines Refereeing English
14-May 19-May Solomon Islands Beach English
19-May 26-May Comoros, Fed. & Islamic R Coaches French
25-May 30-May Zimbabwe Teachers English
4-Jun 9-Jun Namibia Refereeing English
5-Jun 10-Jun Afghanistan Teachers English
9-Jun 14-Jun Palestine Teachers English
9-Jun 14-Jun Oman, Sultanate of Teachers English
17-Jun 22-Jun Colombia Beach Spanish
19-Jun 24-Jun Korea, People's Dem.Rep. Young Players English
25-Jun 30-Jun St. Lucia Beach English
30-Jun 5-Jul Tanzania Young Players English
1-Jul 6-Jul Bhutan Young Players English
1-Jul 6-Jul Nicaragua Teachers Spanish
7-Jul 12-Jul Dominica Young Players English
7-Jul 12-Jul Mozambique Refereeing Spanish Portuguese
9-Jul 14-Jul Paraguay Teachers Spanish
9-Jul 14-Jul British Virgin Islands Young Players English
9-Jul 14-Jul Lebanon Teachers English
14-Jul 19-Jul Uganda Refereeing English
21-Jul 26-Jul Vanuatu Beach English
21-Jul 26-Jul Burkina Faso Refereeing French
21-Jul 28-Jul Syria Coaches English
25-Jul 30-Jul Malaysia Beach English
4-Aug 9-Aug Togo Beach French
4-Aug 9-Aug Congo Young Players French
6-Aug 11-Aug Antilles, Dutch Beach English
11-Aug 16-Aug Congo Dem. Rep. (Zaire) Young Players French
18-Aug 23-Aug Botswana Teachers English
18-Aug 23-Aug Kenya Teachers English
19-Aug 24-Aug Gabon Grassroots Beach French
20-Aug 27-Aug Saipan (Mariana Islands) Coaches English
20-Aug 25-Aug Côte d'Ivoire Young Players French
1-Sep 6-Sep Central African Republic Young Players French
8-Sep 13-Sep Guyana Teachers Spanish
15-Sep 20-Sep Eritrea Beach English
15-Sep 22-Sep Papua-New Guinea Coaches English
21-Sep 28-Sep Honduras Coaches Spanish
22-Sep 27-Sep Mongolia Teachers English
1-Oct 6-Oct Ethiopia Teachers English
4-Oct 9-Oct Bahamas Refereeing English
6-Oct 11-Oct Cameroon Young Players French
7-Oct 12-Oct Lesotho Teachers English
6-Nov 11-Nov Nepal Teachers English
12-Nov 17-Nov Qatar Teachers English
18-Nov 23-Nov St. Vincent & Grenadines Beach English
18-Nov 23-Nov Beach English
18-Nov 25-Nov Kyrghyzstan Coaches English