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Sports Aid Programme Courses
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The final SAP course for the 2002 programme was held in Guinea Bissau in May 2003.  The course was a Beach Volleyball "Get Involved" course and was instructed by Francisco Fidalgo Martins from Portugal.

This Beach Volleyball Course was held in Colombia in November.  There were 19 participants and they were instructed by Maria Villas-Boas from Brazil.

Photos from the Beach Volleyball Course in Tonga held in November.  There were 25 participants at the course.

This Beach Volleyball Course was held in Niue in November.  There were 16 participants.

Pictures from a Beach Volleyball Course held in Papua New Guinea in November.  The 20 participants were instructed by Reid Hamilton from Australia.

26 Teachers enjoyed this course held in Bangladesh in November.  The instructor was Jivko Jetchev from Bulgaria.

Photos from a Teachers course in Chad.  23 teachers were at the course instructed by Bernard Denis.


This Beach Volleyball course was held in Bogata, Colombia in November.  The course was instructed by Maria Villas-Boas and there were 22 participants.

These photos were taken during Operation Six which was instructed by  Roberto Reggiani.  From left to right they are from Eritrea, Nigeria and Ethiopia.  All three were Beach Volleyball "Get Involved" courses.

Photo from the Beach Volleyball "Get Involved" course held in Barbados in November.  There 12 participants at the course.

Another Beach Volleyball course held in Nicaragua.  There were 14 participants at this course.

This SAP Teachers course was held in Brazzaville, Congo in November.  There were 33 participants and the instructor was Abdoulaye Baba Sy from Senegal.

Photo from the Teachers course in El Salvador in October.  The 19 participants ended the course with a tournament.

This Teachers course was held in September in 
Honduras.  Despite a typhoon the course went smoothly.

This Level One Coaches Course was held in Costa Rica in October.  There were 33 participants.  All participants passed the course and received the Coaches Level One qualification.

Held in Uganda in October, this course for Young Players had 27 participants (17 of them girls).  The instructor, Rostislav Voralek is pictured here with the Best Junior Girl Player.

This teachers course held in Gabon in October was attended by 37 local teachers.  The course was instructed by Abdoulaye Baba Sy from Senegal.

These photos were taken at the Teachers Course held in Fiji in October.  The instructor of the course was Johann Huber from Austria.

Mail from Nigeria

Twenty Teachers attended the SAP Teachers Course held in Trinidad in October.  The instructor was Mohammed Mushtaque

Mail from Gambia

This Young Players course was held in Nauru in September.  The eight participants were instructed by Zohair Ammar.

Photos from the Teachers Course held in Kiribati in September.  The instructor of the course was Zohair Ammar from Egypt.

Photos from the Teachers course held in the Solomon Islands in September.  The photo on the left is the opening ceremony.

The instructor at the course was Johann Huber.

Photo from the Junior Match Series between New Zealand and Australia held during the SAP New Zealand course in September.

Participants at the Teachers Course held in Christchurch, New Zealand.  The course was instructed by Johann Huber.

This SAP course was held in Abidjan, in the Ivory Coast in August.   29 "Young Players" attended the course and benefited from the instruction of Abdoulaye Baba Sy.  
A Volleyball festival was held at the end of the course. 

Photos from the first Sports Aid Programme held in 2002.  The Young Players course was held in Thimphu, Bhutan from the 16th to 21st July.  The course instructor was Jivko Jetchev from Bulgaria.  24 players attended the course (11 boys and 13 girls).