PRESS RELEASE 08.06.2005


2005 World League
Japan versus Brazil: Smashes by Satellite!

Lausanne, Switzerland, June 8, 2005 - For the third weekend of the World League, the FIVB will provide a live satellite broadcast of the match between Japan and Brazil on Sunday 12 June at 4 a.m. GMT (1 p.m. local time) at the Gifu Memorial Centre in Japan.

The "match of the week" is sure to be thrilling, with the promising Japanese team playing on their home turf against Brazil, Olympic champions in Athens 2004 and four-time winners of the World League (in 1993, 2001, 2003 and 2004).

For the first weekend of the World League competition, the FIVB chose to air the match between Italy-France (3-0) in Catania. And last Sunday, the "match of the week", in which Argentina overcame Serbia and Montenegro (3-2), was broadcast to 93 million homes in more than 50 countries!

Through 3 July, a "match of the week" will be available on the EBU (European Broadcasting Union) satellite each weekend, so that television networks throughout the world can broadcast an eagerly-awaited match.

Interested TV networks may acquire broadcasting rights to the match by contacting Sports TV Media Distribution in Klagenfurt, Austria (tel. +43 463 90 8000; +43 676 848 606 220; +43 676 848 606 217; fax +43 463 90 8000 99; e-mail: worldleague@stvmd.com).