PRESS RELEASE 17.03.2005


Chinese Women and Head Coaches receive awards

Beijing, China, March 17, 2005 - The head coach of the Chinese National Women's Team, Chen Zhonghe and former head coach Yuan Weimin, received Awards from the "2005 China Top Sports Figure Glory" in the Chinese Southeastern city of Shenzhen on March 16.

The Chinese women's team won the Best Team Award. The team claimed the World Cup Title in 2003 and won the Athens Olympic Games Gold Medal in 2004, the first in 20 years after the Los Angeles Olympic Games in 1984.

Head coach Chen Zhonghe was selected as the Best Coach. Chen became the head coach of the Chinese National Women's team in 2001 and two years later led the team to the World Cup title followed by the Olympic Gold Medal in 2004. Chen was once more appointed as the head coach of the Chinese Team early this year. He has expressed his confidence that the team is now aiming at conquering the sport's top honors in the next three years.

Yuan Weimin, 65, a former Volleyball player for the Chinese Men's National team in the 60's, won the Lifetime Achievement Award. Yuan became the head coach of the Chinese Women's team after his retirement from the men's team, leading the women to reap all the major titles in the world Volleyball during the 80s. Yuan is also former AVC President and was a member of the FIVB Board of Administration. He was appointed Deputy Minister of Sports in 1984, and became Chief of State General Administrator of Sports in 2002 before he retired in 2005.