PRESS RELEASE 11.03.2005


CSV Congress eelects its President and the Executive Committee.

Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, 11 March, 2005 - The 58th Congress of the South-American Volleyball Confederation, which took place at the beginning of March in Rio de Janeiro, reelected by acclamation the current President Ary Graša Filho and the Executive Committee, formed by Rafael Lloreda (COL), Ricardo Vorphal (CHI), Roberto Escobar (PAR), Judith Rodriguez (VEN) and Renata Ara˙jo Lopez Blauth (BRA), for another mandate until 2007.

The Congress brought together the Presidents of the National Federations which compose the CSV not only to re-conduct the current Board of directors to the command of the Confederation but, mainly, to discuss measures and projects which can contribute to the development of Volleyball in the South American continent.

"The most important thing is that we are united, that we are a homogenous group and a solid block to work on the development of Volleyball in our continent and in its projection at international level," pointed out President Ary Graša Filho at the opening ceremony.

Reports from the competitions held in 2004, the referee's commission and the Sports and Beach Volleyball commissions were presented. Apart from that, the calendar for the two coming years was prepared, the report of the last Congress was approved, the account statements for 2003 and 2004 and the budget for 2005 were approved.

To work on the development of the sport in countries which are not still fully developed and manage to move towards the formation of new powers as Brazil, Argentina and Venezuela is the target of the directors board which has announced the beginning of a new cycle of technical and refereeing clinics in order to take to other countries the experience of those who have already reached international level. "South America has a major role in world Volleyball and I believe that training is the key to success", stated President Ary Graša Filho.


Beach Volleyball also deserved highlights. Carlos Souto recalled the modality can be the shortest way for countries still away from the world scenario to reach the fight for titles. "I would like to point out that great stars of the victorious Brazilian Beach Volleyball come from the North and Northeast, the poorest areas in the country, which confirms the idea that it is possible to develop sport and Project champions in underdeveloped areas", he said.


The 58th Ordinary Congress of the South American Volleyball Confederation paid homage to two names that have dedicated and still dedicate great part of their lives to sport. Rafael Lloreda, President of the Colombian Volleyball Federation and member of the CVS's Executive Board, was granted the "Great Special Necklace" for the development and enlargement of volleyball in his country and in South America. Highlights were also made for his impeccable personal behavior throughout the years, his credibility and the professional capacity which made him a director who deserves the recognition of the volleyball community for his permanent participation and leadership. "I would like to thank you because usually the honor is given to people who have already gone and I'm getting it in life and from people who have long followed my effort. This moment will remain in my heart for a long time", said Rafael Lloreda.

Brazilian CÚlio Cordeiro, President of the Coaching Commission, was also granted the Medal of Honor in recognition of his work in the development of Brazilian volleyball and for his immeasurable cooperation to South-American and World volleyball and as a member of the Legion of Honor of South American Volleyball, granting him the Medal of Honor. "I'm flattered to receive from President Ary Graša this medal which represents a work carried out for a long time. I thank especially all the presidents with whom I have worked and to all who have rendered me this honor, Thank you from the bottom of my heart", said Professor CÚlio Cordeiro.