PRESS RELEASE 15.02.2005


Coach heads for sight seeing tour of Europe

February 15, 2005 - Argentina men’s coach Fabian Armoa leaves on Monday (Feb 21) for a whirlwind week-long trip through Europe to catch up with his star players ahead of an all-important 2005 calendar, which includes World Championship and World League assignments.

The first duty for Argentina in 2005 is a World Championship 1st Round tournament in Mar del Plata from May 6-8, where Argentina host Uruguay and Paraguay. The winner will move straight into the 2006 World Championship Final Round in Japan to join the hosts, the defending champions Brazil and 21 other teams.

Armoa named his first squad of the year on Friday for the World League, which starts in June. The 22-strong line up, which includes star captain Marcos Milinkovic, will be reduced to 18 in March. Seven of the squad, including Milinkovic, are currently playing overseas while Herrera Cao, a Cuban with Argentine citizenship has also been included. Argentina will play Greece, Serbia & Montenegro and Poland in Pool C of the World League Intercontinental Round.

Armoa admitted that a total of 30 players will rotate during the year with a possible tour by Cuba in May and the South American Championship in September also on the itinerary, before deciding the definitive players for the 2006 Japan World Championship.

Argentina, who hosted the previous Men’s World Championship in 2002, will start 2005 with their impressive fifth place finish at the 2004 Olympics in mind.

The first stop of Armoa in Europe will be Greece, where he will meet Milinkovic to organize his availability. After visits to Turkey and Spain, Armoa hopes to visit Pablo Meana and Alejandro Spajic in Russia, but it will entirely depend on getting the entry permit to visit that country.

Key dates: April 18th: First training for World Championship squad.
May 1st: First training for World League squad.

1 Milinkovic Marcos (Universal)
2 Scholtis Gustavo (Opposite)
3 Porporatto Gustavo (Middle player)
4 Spajic Alejandro (Middle player)
5 Cao Herrera Gilman (Setter)
6 Bernasconi Ignacio (Setter)
7 Gonzalez Demian (Setter)
8 Ferraro Hernán (Setter)
9 Chavez Lucas (Opposite)
10 Peralta Pablo (Middle player)
11 Bidegain Jerónimo (Side hitter
12 Gonzalez Alexis (Libero)
13 Darraidou Santiago (Opposite)
14 Filardi Javier (Side hitter)
15 Patti Leonardo (Side hitter)
16 Domínguez Marcos (Opposite)
17 Meana Pablo (Libero)
18 Giani Gastón (Side hitter)
19 Arroyo Gabriel (Middle player)
20 García Guillermo (Opposite)
21 Torcello Maximo (Side hitter)
22 Jacobsen Bruno (Middle player)