PRESS RELEASE 25.01.2005


Board of Administration meets in Almeria

Almeria, Spain, January 25, 2005. As well as the examination of the current activities during the CEV Board of Administration meeting in Almeria, Spain last weekend, the organising country for the Men's Indesit European Champions' League 2004/05 Final Four has also been designated.

In addition to the drawing of lots for the Men's Indesit European Champions' League 12-team play-off round, which was held on Friday, 21 January 2005, Iraklis THESSALONIKI (GRE) was designated the organising club to host this year's Men's IECL Final Four from 26th to 27th March 2005. The decision on the Final Four organisers for the Men's Austrian Airlines Top Teams Cup, the Women's Top Teams Cup as well as the Men's and Women's CEV Cup will be made on Wednesday, 26th January 2005.

The following day the CEV Board of Administration proceeded to the analysis of internal affairs by first and foremost confirming a positive financial year 2004 in line with the budget. Two national federations who still owe the CEV old debts have been given a special administrative status, which is to be agreed by the FIVB, allowing them to stay members of the volleyball family.

The CEV Board of Administration will examine alternatives regarding the fee to be paid by national federations, hoping to come up with a new suggestion for the next meeting in June 2005 in Moscow, Russia.

Furthermore, it has been decided that the 15 national federations of the so-called "small countries" in Europe will all belong to the administrative category C, regardless of the financial fee paid.

The official inauguration of the new CEV head office in Luxembourg was the final point to be discussed. With a first-time seminar for General Secretaries from 18th to 19th February 2005 the CEV has invited its 54 affiliated national federations to Luxembourg to visit the new premises, as well as to have a better concept of CEV internal office procedures.