PRESS RELEASE 10.11.2004


Merit medal awarded to Mr. Yazdani Khorram, President of the Volleyball Federation of Islamic Republic of Iran
The President of Iran H. E. Mr. Khatami presents Mr. Yazdani with the medal

Tehran, Iran, November 10, 2004 - The ceremony of Governmental medals award was held at Saad abad palace in Tehran, Iran. Governmental Merit and Management badge, type 3 was awarded to Yazdani Khorram the President of Iran Volleyball Federation. Out of 103 nominees, 32 persons were honoured with this award given to prominent individuals who have served the country in scientific, cultural, sport, art and managerial spheres.

Under Mr. Khorram's leadership, the Federation has seen a series of improvements that have made it achieve the title of best Federation among all sport federations from 1999 to 2002. In addition, under his management the Iranian Volleyball Federation has received prestigious titles as champion and vice champion at Asian and World levels. It should also be mentioned that training of 150 International level coaches, building and renovation of Volleyball halls, preparing the facilities of sport establishments are in the range of his extraordinary activities. For these reasons and for his endless efforts the Council of Ministers has approved to grant him this award. The Merit and Management medal was presented to him by the President of Iran H. E. Mr. Khatami.

It is the first medal which goes to sport management. It should be mentioned that Yazdani is devoted of our beloved sport and Iran's Volleyball has stepped to the high stages during his management.

Yazdani Khorram after receiving the medal from the President of I. R. Iran said: "I feel a heavier burden on my shoulders. Now my responsibilities are greater than before."

Yazdani is one of the pioneers who got this medal in sport. As a sport manager it adds importance to this kind of work. Since in Iran most of the attention has been on the athletes, it is a positive step to pave the way for other sport managers who hold key roles in sport development.

Throughout his 15 years of managerial experience the Volleyball Federation of Iran has taken major steps towards expansion both in quality and in quantity and thanks to the recommendations of Dr. Rubén Acosta, FIVB President, the image of Volleyball has increased all over the nation.

In this regard Yazdani says: "This is the first time that the Merit medal has been awarded to a sport director. I have this medal as the representative of sport Managers, Coaches, Players, and Referees, Sport Writers, Sport Commentators and the sport community of the country. We are doing a teamwork plan in our federation and effective planning, working long hours, and essential investment, among others, have been the main reasons which have led us to this point. I feel I should work more and take on more challenges. Of course, I am sure we will succeed."