PRESS RELEASE 09.11.2004


No luck for Jastrzebski

Luxembourg, November 09 2004 - In the second week of the Men's Indesit European Champions League 2004/05 League Round three matches have been played with Vojvodina Novolin NOVI SAD (SCG), Knack ROESELARE (BEL) and PARIS Volley as the final winners.

In Pool B Polish first-time champion JASTRZEBSKI Wegiel was determined to take revenge against Serbia Montenegrin Vojvodina Novolin NOVI SAD for the two-times 3:0-defeat in last year's CEV Cup. Hence, the Poles, who have lost their first round against VIENNA last week, began the encounter strong, obtaining their first two set points at 24-22. However, NOVI SAD resisted tough knowing that they also needed a victory after their five-set defeat against Levski Siconco SOFIA (BUL) in the first round of last week.

Managing to defend two set points against them the guest team ended up seizing the first set 24-26. The second set turned into a real thriller. JASTRZEBSKI started off with a 5-2 lead before NOVI SAD closed the gap slightly following the host squad with no more than two points difference. JASTRZEBSKI had the first opportunity to finish the set at 24-23 but neither the first nor the following set points were taken so that at 36-37 the guests from Serbia Montenegro took their chance, snatching a 2-0 set lead. After taking the lead early in the third set (5-3, 18-12, 20-13) NOVI SAD went on to beat the Polish champion JASTRZEBSKI in three straight sets, undoubtedly profiting from the home team's missed opportunities.

Further two matches were disputed in Pool D where Italian champion Copra Volley PIACENZA encountered Belgian Knack ROESELARE at home and fifth time French participant PARIS Volley met Lokomotiv KHARKIV from the Ukraine. Winning the first set 25-17 PIACENZA drew close during the second set (16-17) before the Belgians stormed off to win it 25-19, equaling at 1-1. The Italian home team was leading throughout the third set, managing to save a five-point difference to finally decide the set 25-20 in their favour (2-1). The fourth set was fairly balanced (18-18) before PIACENZA went ahead 22-21. However, the Belgians didn't give in only allowing their opponents one more point before winning the set 25-23 so that the tiebreak had to decide.

The score was balanced until 8-8 when the host team players of coach Ljubo Travica went ahead 11-9 and 12-11. Once again though, the Belgian guest team managed to turn the tables winning the tiebreak set 15-13 and taking their first victory in the Indesit European Champions' League 2004/05 home. The successors over Knack ROESELARE in last week's pool round, PARIS Volley, faced fewer difficulties in their match against Lokomotiv KHARKIV from the Ukraine, beating them in three clear sets.