PRESS RELEASE 02.10.2004


25th CEV Congress in Istanbul announces host countries for European Championships

Istanbul, October 02, 2004 - The 25th General Assembly of the European Volleyball Confederation (CEV), which was hosted by the Turkish Volleyball Federation in Istanbul, was opened up by the CEV President Mr. André Meyer who welcomed the representatives of the 46 National Federations present, including several officials such as the President of the Turkish Volleyball Federation, Mr. Hüsnü Can, and Mr. Jean-Pierre Seppey, the FIVB General Manager.

Following the declaration of the CEV's 2003 excellent financial results, whose presentation and transparency have been positively confirmed by the FIVB's finance controller Mr. Franz Schmied, the CEV's seven institutional commissions put forward their annual reports. Finally, under the eyes of 67 delegates the General Assembly proceeded to the official nomination of the organisers for the future European Championships 2006 and 2007.

As confirmed by the Board of Administration on Friday 1 October 2004 the following National Federations have been attributed the privilege to host:

Boys' Youth European Championships 2007: Austria Girls' Youth European Championships 2007: Czech Republic Women's Junior European Championships 2006: France

However, the highlight of this 25th "silver" CEV Congress that everybody was anxiously waiting for was the nomination of the organising countries for the 2007Senior European Championships. For the first time in their history the 2007Men's Senior European Championships as well as the Men's Junior European Championships 2006 will take place in Russia, one of the strongest European Volleyball nations. It goes without saying that this announcement resulted in much joy and excitement amongst the Russians.

Similarly, the happiness was apparent in the Belgian and Luxembourgish corner when their communal application succeeded in bringing the 16 best European senior women's teams to the two Benelux countries, hosts of the Women's Senior European Championships 2007.