PRESS RELEASE 10.10.2004


China Dominates Asian Beach Volleyball Championships

Lianyungang, China, October 10, 2004 - China showed its powerful skills in Asian Beach Volleyball by winning the gold medals in both men's and women's tournaments at the 4th Asian Beach Volleyball Championships in the beautiful city of Lianyungang in the Southeastern province of Jiangsu in China on Sunday.

With professionalism and quality and home advantage, the Chinese players finished in the top three in the women's competition. The duo of Han Bo and Sun Jing won the final match against their fellow countrywomen Zhang Li/Hu 2-0 (21-18, 21-15), giving China their first gold medal.

The third place in the women's section went to Lu/Ren of China, who defeated the top seeded Li Ying and L. Wang 2-1(21-17, 17-21, 17-15).

On the men's side, the Chinese pair Qiang Xu/Linyin Xu, second seeded in the tournament, beat top seeds Pitman and Lochhead of New Zealand 2-0 (21-15, 21-17), taking the second gold medal for China.

Kazakhstan took the bronze medal in the men's competition with the victory of Zabuslavev and Kisselv over the Chinese pair Han/Gao 2-0 (22-20, 25-23).

The 4th Asian Beach Volleyball Championships from October 8 to 10 drew men's and women's teams from nine different countries and regions, but the Beach Volleyball powerhouse Australia did not send players to participate in the event!

Following are the final rankings:


1. Han Bo/Sun Jing(CHN)
2.. Zhang Xi/Hu(CHN)
3. Lu/Ren(CHN)
4. Li Ying/L.Wang(CHN)
5. Sannok/Phokongploy(THA)
6. Hoa/Hong(VIE)
7. Alenkina/Kim(KAZ)
8. Timy/Devota S. Rahawarin(INA)
9. Tang/Tse(HKG),Tomioka/Aoki(JPN),Mashkova/Ignatchik(KAZ),Anna
Scarlett/Megan Lippi(NZL)
13.Mei Ling/WONG Wa Fong(HKG),Ayako/Rii Seike(JPN),Yuko/Oda(JPN)
Hayley Griffiths/Nikki Moreland(NZL)


1. Qiang Xu/Linyin Xu(CHN)
2. Pitman/Lochhead (NZL)
3. Zabuslayev/Kisselev(KAZ)
4. Wu/Yin(CHN)
5. Darkuncoro/Ardiansyam(INA)
6. Han/Gao(CHN)
7. Vorobvev/"Seryi"(KAZ)
8. Wang/HE Peng(CHN)
9. Hajime/Hiroyuki(JPN),Shinya/Takabiro(JPN),Brendon/Mike Peter
(NZL),Bualuang Apichart/Bunryeang(THA)
13.NG King Hung/YU Hing Lung(HKG),Mohan Pereta/Rohan Silva(SRI)
Tran Ngoc Cao Son/Truong Huu Tan(VIE)