PRESS RELEASE 18.06.2004


What the Pan American Cup coaches had to say:

June 18, 2004 - Lorne Sawula, head coach of Canada: “It is very simple for us. In our case we are in a new situation. This is a time to experiment. But we are here to play hard and try to be in the top four.”

Antonio Rizola, head coach of Brazil: “It is very easy for us. Our principal squad is now in Italy. We are here with a team with girls not older than 18. We are aiming to finish ahead of Argentina and make the next Grand Prix.”

Alejandro Arconada, head coach of Argentina: “We are going to try to beat the Brazilians. This is a team formed not long ago. We did not have enough time to prepare but I promise that for the next Olympic cycle we will be battling for one spot.”

Eugenio George, head coach of Cuba: “This competition is another step in our preparation for the 2004 Olympics. Specifically we want to be in the top four and maintain our participation in the Grand Prix. We want to contribute to make this Pan American Cup the biggest event in our continent.”

Robyn Romansky, assistant coach of Cuba: “This is a very important tournament and our objective is to be in the 2005 World Grand Prix. We do not have here our complete squad but we have a team strong enough to reach the goal.”

Carlos Nunez, head coach of Puerto Rico: “ I feel as a rookie among this group of coaches. It is a great honor to be coaching the National Team of Puerto Rico. We did not reach the Olympics in our last chance in Japan, but we have a team young enough to make it in our next chance because the core of the squad is of girls of 20, 21 years-old. This is the beginning of a process to qualify for the Grand Prix.”

Jorge Azair, head coach of Mexico: “My goal is that the team to perform good in front of our people because we are hosting the Pan American Cup. We want to make the people happy. We know it will be very difficult to qualify for the Grand Prix because there are some teams already there and are well prepared. But for the outside teams this is the moment to make a move.”

Julio Dominguez, head coach of Guatemala: “This is the first time we have the chance to take part in an event of this level. We are living a new situation in Guatemala. Our goal is to keep the hard work and qualify for the NORCECA tournaments. We are here invited because Peru withdrew from the Cup, but we are going to battle on the court.”

Braulio Godines, head coach of Costa Rica: “We are bringing young players and this a big compromise. To be in contact with the great teams will be of a good benefit for our quality level. We are advancing step by step. It is good to have the opportunity to compete against this group of world high level.”

Hector Romero, assistant coach of Dominican Republic: “Our goal is to maintain the squad as one of the participants in the World Grand Prix. This tournament is one major step in our route to the Olympics. First we will be playing in the Grand Prix in Taiwan, The Philippines and China.”