PRESS RELEASE 10.06.2004


NORCECA fully supports President Acosta

The North Central America and Caribbean Confederation of Volleyball (NORCECA), headed by Dominican Mr.Cristóbal Marte Hóffiz with its 35 National Federations, expressed full support of the decision of Dr.Rubén Acosta Hernández to resign as member of the International Olympic Committee due to the reasons explained by the FIVB President in a letter to Dr. Jacques Rogge, President of the IOC.

"We want to confirm the unanimous support of this Confederation, largely manifested during the XXIX FIVB World Congress in Porto, Portugal, where you once again received the confidence and support of all the National Federations present," said Marte Hóffiz in a letter to Acosta. "This is a responsible recognition, fair and indispensable to your passion and consecration to our sport discipline at world level. A passion and consecration that have achieved the growing and prolific development of our sport in all aspects and the International Volleyball Federation that you lead with efficiency and dignity since 1984."

Marte expressed to Acosta that "the work attained by you has shaped history for the future generations, an example to be imitated by other sport institutions aiming to their full development. The facts and results will never be changed, showing a concrete reality, the financial strengthening of our International Federation of which we are highly proud to be a part."

Marte pointed out that the "achievement and the preservation of the financial success obtained by the FIVB over the last 20 years are not a coincidence but the product of an efficient management and honest administration. The investment of more than CHF 400 million in our sport activities with a current fortune of over the CHF 120 million can only be the result of an arduous work that has transformed the FIVB into one of the most important International Federations of the world."

The President of NORCECA reaffirmed the FIVB President of the support and recognition of the North Central America and Caribbean volleyball family and expressed that they will continue to work alongside him in order to contribute to the success of his presidency of the International Volleyball Federation.