PRESS RELEASE 19.03.2004


Indonesia happy to play host

March 19, 2004 - The President of the Volleyball Association of Indonesia (PBVSI) Rita Subowo has announced this week that Indonesia will play host to the Under 185 centimeters (U-185) International Men's Volleyball Championship in Jakarta in October as part of an increased international schedule for the Asian country.

Ms. Subowo also confirmed that Indonesia will be host to some 2004 Women's World Grand Prix Preliminary Round action in July.

In addition to the two international Volleyball tournaments, PBVSI unveiled a plan to stage three national championships in 2004: the Proliga tournament from April to June, the Inter Club competition in August and the Premier league in October.

Some of the tournaments will coincide with the campaign period for the elections. As such, security could be a concern but Ms. Subowo said that it would not be a problem. "As the host, we will definitely heed our guests' safety during their stay in the country," she said. "If it was deemed that the situation was not conducive to a safe tournament, we would certainly give them prior warning and would not hesitate to cancel the event if necessary".

The Swatch-FIVB World Tour event in Bali last year was overshadowed by the aftermath of the JW Marriott bombing in Jakarta, which prompted the withdrawal of some participants. However, the fact that the Open proceeded as planned was an indication that security fears had not disrupted the schedule and according to Ms. Subowo, that should augur well for the forthcoming tournaments.

Speaking further about plans for the 2006 Asian Games in Doha, Ms Subowo said the Indonesian national team would take part in the World Tour series. PBVSI is looking to hire a coach from China, who would start training the women's team in May. "Hopefully, the women's team will be strong enough to win a medal in the Asian Games," she said.