PRESS RELEASE 19.02.2004


AVC to Focus on Development of Volleyball in 2004

Beijing, China, February 17, 2004 - The President of the Asian Volleyball Confederation Mr Jizhong Wei and its members decided they will concentrate their efforts in 2004 on developing Volleyball in Asia and attracting more AVC members to participate in competitions and host AVC or FIVB tournaments.

These were the main subjects stressed by AVC during its Committee meetings held last week in Beijing, China.

President Wei noted what the AVC must keep in mind is that the most important task facing Asia at the moment is the development of national federations and finding ways to help them to develop. As the FIVB has already created detailed development projects, the AVC doesn't need special projects but to only implement the FIVB projects in Asia.

AVC development and marketing committee in its annual meeting made the following proposals to the AVC Board of Administration for approval:

To help less advanced AVC members to participate in the FIVB Sports and Aid Program (SAP).

To recommend to the FIVB to help the AVC national federations on zonal balance, meaning one in each AVC Zone. They are DPR Korea (AVC Eastern Zone), Cambodia (Southeastern Zone), Bangladesh (Central Zone), Vanuatu (Oceania Zone) and Yemen (Western Zone).

Concerning Development Centers: 1. To propose to the FIVB through the AVC B/A the establishment of another FIVB Development Center in Jakarta of Indonesia.

2. To request the Development Center in Bahrain to be more active and attract more participation from nearby countries. The Development Centers in Thailand and India should continue their aggressive programs.

3. To assist the AVC Beach Volleyball Council to develop Beach Volleyball in Asia.

President Wei also told the AVC Sports Events Council meeting that the AVC must pay more attention to the youth and junior events and attract more members to host events. He suggested that when hosting the AVC youth and junior events, especially those who host the events for the first time, the AVC would not be too demanding on organizers in order to encourage more in the future and thus improve and develop Asian Volleyball further.