PRESS RELEASE 16.02.2004


The CSV 100 percent behind the FIVB and its President Acosta

Monday, February 17, 2004 -The 57th Congress of the South American Volleyball Confederation (CSV) with the Presidents and representatives of the 11 national confederations met last weekend in the city of Saquarema, Rio of Janeiro, Brazil. In the first official meeting carried out under the management of the CSV President Ary Graça Filho, the confederation members signed a letter of support to the FIVB President Dr. Rubén Acosta, and to the imposed sanctions on former CSV President, Luis Moreno, and to Mario Goijman, former President of the Argentina Federation. The document also affirmed the absolute approval of the leadership of President Graça from Brazil.

In the first Congress carried out under his management, Ary Graça explained that his objective is to work for the development of South American Volleyball, based on his successful experiences with Brazilian Volleyball, which in 1975 started the planning which turned it into one of the most successful Volleyball nations in the world. "We have to create projects in blocks, enlarging the exchange among the countries and thinking about economically viable solutions," Graça said. "It is necessary that weaker countries face stronger teams and that they have access to important information. We have to work together, grouping geographically neighbouring teams and establishing goals".

Graça presented an institutional video, which showed the work carried out by the Brazilian Federation, to illustrate ideas and to test that a middle and long term plan can carry a country to the top of Volleyball. "We have a great deal of confidence in the development of South American Volleyball and in the new direction of the CSV," declared the President of the Colombian Federation Rafael Lloreda. "The President listened to us and he allowed us to expose our ideas and projects".

All of the presidents were enthusiastic and impressed with the Development Center in Brazil that housed the Congress. Inaugurated in August, 2003 and built in an area of 108,000m2, the Center has facilities and equipment for training of all the national teams, as well as taking care of the public in social benefit events with information and courses for referees, coaches, pupils and professionals of the sport.

"Never have I seen a place as this," Lloreda said. "Without doubt it is the most complete center for Volleyball".

The assembly confirmed the calendar for this year which includes the South American Junior Women's Championship from May 1-9 in Ecuador, followed by that of Junior Men from June 14-19 in a venue still to be determined. In October the Men's Youth Championship will be disputed from 2-9 in Chile and the Women's Youth Championship from 23-30 in Peru. Brazil will be the headquarters for the Cup America, in September.