PRESS RELEASE 17.02.2004


2004 Asian major competitions

Beijing, China, February 12, 2004 - The 2004 Asian major competition calendar was confirmed at the AVC Sports Events Council meeting held from February 9-10 in Beijing, China.

Following is 2004 Asian major competition events:

1, 2004 Asian Women's Club Volleyball Championship Date: April 20-25 Place: Almaty, Kazakhstan

2, 2004 Asian Men's Club Volleyball Championship Date: April 23-28 Place: Tehran, Iran

3, Asian Challenge Cup First leg: Date: April 23-25 Second leg: Date: April 30-May 2 Place: Korea Place: Japan

4, Asian Junior Men's Volleyball Championship Date: September 3-10 Place: Doha, Qatar

5, Asian Junior Women's Volleyball Championship Date: September 19-26 Place: Colombo, Sri Lanka

6, The 16th Asian Pacific Cup Date: June 16-20 Place: Fukuoka, Japan

7, The 12th Princess Cup Women's Volleyball Invitation Date: June 28-July 4 Place: Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand

Beach Volleyball

1, Asian Pacific Beach Volleyball Invitation Date: February 25-29 Place: Bangkok, Thailand

2, 3rd Loma Asian Beach Volleyball Invitation Date: April 9-11 Place: Palhallung, Thailand

3, 5th Samila Asian Beach Volleyball Tour Date: April 14-16 Place: Songkhla, Thailand

4, 5th Asian Beach Volleyball Championship Date: July 1-4 Place: China