PRESS RELEASE 27.11.2003


Continental Olympic Qualification Tournaments

November 27, 2003 - Taking into consideration that the qualification of the Brazilian women's team has left only three teams to participate in the South American qualification tournament, the FIVB has proposed that the South American Confederation, with the agreement of NORCECA, choose one of the following two solutions, both in accordance with the FIVB and Olympic Regulations:

All three (3) teams from the respective Confederation will be authorized to participate in the corresponding Qualification Tournament of the other Confederation as follows:

a) The South American qualification tournament may be joined by the NORCECA team placed highest in the World Ranking and that could not win the NORCECA qualification tournament. In this way the South American tournament will be validated and its winner will qualify for the Olympic Games. The loser placed highest in the FIVB World Ranking, excluding the NORCECA team, will have the right to play in the World OQT to be held in Japan.

b) The South American teams may play in the NORCECA qualification tournament in the Dominican Republic to compete for two vacancies in the Olympic Games. From the non-qualified teams, the next two highest placed teams in the FIVB World Ranking, one from each Confederation, will have the right to play in the World Qualification Tournament in Japan.

NOTE: Due to the situation of the American teams, the European Women's Olympic Qualification Tournament will be accorded two places for the non-qualified teams placed highest in the FIVB World Ranking to play in the World Qualification Tournament in Japan. The place in the Women's WOQT in Japan previously allocated to the winner of a play-off between South America and Africa is cancelled.