PRESS RELEASE 09.11.2003


Official FIVB Statement

Sapporo, 9 November 2003 - We have the duty of informing the public opinion that for the first time in Volleyball history a player has been tested positive after a sample "A" showed the presence of Methandienone. The player in question is Nurys Arias Done from the Dominican Republic who has been officially informed and has been heard yesterday in an audience with the presence of the FIVB President, Dr. Rubén Acosta, the FIVB Medical Delegate, Dr. Manfred Holzgraefe, the FIVB General Manager, Mr. Jean-Pierre Seppey, the head of the Dominican Republic and the Team Doctor.
The Player recognized having taken some vitamins and tablets for appetite. The Dominican Republic delegation and the player have recognized the validity of the sample "A" result and have decided not to request the analysis of sample "B".
"The FIVB is engaged in a firm and permanent battle against doping in sport and in this fight we are drawing a player from each team in almost all of the matches in the World Cups 2003" stated Dr. Rubén Acosta, the President of FIVB present in Sapporo.
In accordance with FIVB regulations the player is immediately excluded from the competition and the Dominican Republic loses the match DOM vs CHN (0-3, 0-25, 0-25, 0-25) and all subsequent matches in which the player took part. The team may continue playing without the player and the remaining matches will not be affected.
After the game against China the same player was drawn for doping control after the match BRA vs DOM on 5 November and the sample "A" was also positive of the same substance and will have the same before mentioned consequences.
FIVB has decided to suspend the player in question for two years with immediate effect.
The player and the Federation have the right to appeal to the FIVB Board of Administration within thirty days if they so wish.

Dr. Manfred Holzgraefe
Medical Delegate

Jean-Pierre Seppey
FIVB General Manager