PRESS RELEASE 11.09.2003


Brazil include Barros in women's World Cup training squad

September 11, 2003 - Brazilian coach Jose Roberto Guimarães has included former international and current Beach Volleyball player Leila Barros in a squad of 16 players to restart training in São Paulo for the World Cup to be played in Japan from November 1 to 15 later this year.

Barros, a 1996 and 2000 Olympic medalist who since 2001 has been playing Beach Volleyball, has had mixed results on the World Tour in her two year experiment with Beach but is still in line to play in the Nissan Grand Slam in Los Angeles in September despite having been included in Guimarães' squad.

Guimarães explained that Leila Barros will be observed closely as there is only limited time for her to readjust herself back to Volleyball. "She is coming back to Volleyball and it is clear that the beach maintains the physical conditioning of any athlete but at the moment we will make a thorough evaluation and we know time is running out for her;" he said. "To readjust oneself to Volleyball takes good time and the World Cup is less than two months away. But we will help her in her recovery and while this happens, she continues training with the group."

Included in her recovery plan will be to have plenty of game time when Brazil travels to the United States for four games from September 30 to October 4.

Other features of Guimarães lineup include the inclusion of líbero Arlene, opposite hitter Elisângela, who continues training with the team despite problems with her shoulder and Fabiana, a middle blocker, who is still to return from the U21 World Championship in Thailand.

The rest of the squad contains the 12 players who disputed the South American Continental Championship - Fernanda Venturini and Fofão (setters), Bia and Raquel (opposing), Virna, Érika, Paula and Sassá (attackers), Walewska, Valeskinha, Carol (middle blockers), Fabi (líbero).