PRESS RELEASE 25.08.2003


France name European Championship squad

August 25, 2003 - Having beaten the Czech Republic in a friendly match 3-0 (25-13 ; 25-13 ; 25-18) on Saturday in Jablonec, Czech Republic, France have named their squad which will head to Germany and compete in the European Championship, a tournament, which offers the chance to qualify for the 2003 World Cup.

The French team were coming off three successive losses into Saturday's match, all conceded at a four nations tournament at the same venue before finally stringing it together with a straight sets victory.

The victory helped coach Philippe Blain name his squad of 12 on Monday, which includes captain Dominique Daquin, who is returning from injury, and the experienced Stéphane Antiga and Laurent Capet.

The full 12 is: Yohan Cohen, Hubert Henno, Dominique Daquin, Stéphane Antiga, Laurent Capet, Frantz Granvorka, Vincent Montmeat, Loïc De Kergret, Luc Marquet, Mathias Patin, Oliver Kieffer and Sebastien Frangolacci.

Blain emphasised the fact that the introduction of Cohen strengthens the cover for receiving and defending, while Marquet, Frangolacci and Montmeat give the team a well rounded look.

France will prepare this week for two more friendly matches, this time against Russia, on Saturday and Monday in cannet.