PRESS RELEASE 03.08.2003


USA beat Barbados in Men's competition

August 3, 2003 - The United States men's side scored an easy straight sets victory over Barbados making its debut in the Pan Am Games, wrapping up their opening match 25-15, 25-21, 25-15.

The Americans used their superiority both tactical and physical to destroy their more smaller rivals. “We used the match to rotate all twelve players and have them prepared for the next coming encounters,”said Doug Beal, the USA coach. “I think that was the most important thing tonight.”

Beal took the opportunity to congratulate the Barbados team and saluted the effort they are making to have a good Volleyball squad on a small island and with a small population. He dismissed the idea that the Americans took advantage of their big size compared to their rivals. “I know we are a taller team,” he said,”but that was not the difference. We had a couple of good streaks in the first and third set and that was it.”

He was not satisfied, however, with the service game of his side. “We wasted too many services and we hope to improve that part of our game. I think the change of altitude had something to do with it, because we are coming to sea level after training in Colorado.”

Reid Priddy, the captain of USA said: “It is nice to play in the Pa Am Games especially considering that we are going to face the same teams next month in the NORCECA qualifier in Mexico.”

Ludger Niles, the Barbados coach, said: “It is really a great privilege to play against a team so world ranked as USA and this will be a learning experience for our team. They outplayed us. They are a lot bigger and quicker than us, but we are going to see the improvement as soon as we play the other teams in our zone.”