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FIVB Executive Committee meets prior to Board of Administration meeting

The FIVB Honorary Life President Jizhong Wei and the Presidents of the FIVB Commissions were in attendance at Wednesday's Executive Committee meeting
Lausanne, Switzerland, April 3, 2013 – The International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) Executive Committee met at the FIVB headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland on Wednesday in preparation of the Board of Administration meeting on Thursday and Friday.

Continued development and modernisation were the key themes as the Executive Committee approved the agenda for the Board of Administration meeting.

FIVB President Dr. Ary S. Graça F° opened the meeting, which included FIVB Honorary Life President Jizhong Wei and the President's of the FIVB Commissions in attendance, by stressing to the members how important they are in determining how to motivate up and coming federations.

“This week is about preparing new ideas to continue the good work Mr Wei started four years ago,” President Graça said. “I love volleyball, I played volleyball, I still play volleyball, I am here for the development of volleyball. 

“The FIVB needs your help primarily because we need to improve. We need to change our mentality from the past. This is very important. If we don’t change we are going to lag behind because society is changing. We need to modernise.

“Our position in the sport world is a very good position today. The Olympics were very good but we must come back to reality and react accordingly. We must professionalise the FIVB. We have a long way to go but even if we reach our goals in the next four years it’s not enough, we must go further. That is why we have all kind of people, all kind of thinking in the Executive Committee and Board of Administration.”

Mr Wei added: “When I was President, the main task for me was to bring the FIVB back into the Olympic movement. We had to clean our house first. Now the FIVB is a clean house. Like that we have the confidence of the Olympic movement – the IOC and other sports federations.

"The real revolution starts with the presidency of Dr. Ary Graça. Like he said, to change the mind is sometimes difficult. I attended Rio (Executive Committee meeting in December), now I’m here and I agree with the philosophy of Dr. Ary Graça. This is why I am confident the revolution of the FIVB will continue."

The FIVB Board of Administration will take place at the FIVB headquarters on Thursday and Friday.

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