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Volleyball will have a big role to play – President Graça

Lausanne, Switzerland, April 4, 2014 – FIVB President Dr. Ary S. Graça F° closed the 2014 Board of Administration meeting on Friday after a very successful and fruitful two days of discussions by praising the members for their dedication to developing volleyball and believing in the new direction the FIVB is heading.

“Thank you for a lot of things, but especially to be here. It is very important for us, everybody came, everybody participated. It was a satisfaction that almost all of you participated in our debates. This is very stimulating to see that you are committed with volleyball. You are here because you love volleyball. You are very busy people but you are here because you really love volleyball.

“It was a great surprise and emotional to receive your praise but most importantly, it is good to know and see that things are working. Nothing would happen without your help. Thank you for your words but without the help of the Confederation Presidents, the Board of Administration, the Executive Committee and all the Commissions that work very hard, it would be impossible to go anywhere.

“The same way you gave me good words, I’m saying the same to you because I feel you are all committed to volleyball. You are going to help the FIVB develop and in the few years we are going to be the second sport in the world, I believe in that.

“Together we can make a lot of things but people in the national federations must help themselves, by also asking for local support. However, we must be confident. The FIVB and volleyball is going to have a big role to play in the very near future.”

Earlier in the day, the FIVB Board of Administration members ratified the decisions of the Beach Volleyball Commission and Sports Events Council and approved the proposals of the Rules of the Game Commission, Refereeing Commission, TV & New Media Commission and the combined Rules of the Game Commission and Refereeing Commission including a new rules test – the block and the first contact - which will be conducted at the 2014 Beach Volleyball Age Group World Championships this year.

The meeting closed with the presentation of the activities of the Confederations, which continue to blossom under the new leadership of the FIVB.

The next FIVB Board of Administration meeting will take place on October 29, two days before the FIVB Congress, which will be held in Milan, Italy from October 31 to November 1.

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