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FIVB President pays respects to the late Dr. Rolf Andresen

FIVB President Jizhong Wei with Irene Andresen, president of the German Volleyball Federation Mr. Werner von Moltke (left) and president of the Bavarian Volleyball Federation Mr. Klaus Draushke (right)

Lausanne, Switzerland, December 4, 2010 – The FIVB President Mr. Jizhong Wei paid a courtesy visit on Saturday to Murnau, Germany to visit Irene Andresen, the widow of Prof. Dr. Rolf Andresen who was an honorary member of the German Volleyball Federation and honorary president of the CEV. 

During many years Dr. Andresen was one of the leading personalities of the national and international Volleyball scene through his various positions as president of the German Volleyball Federation, president of the CEV and first Senior FIVB Vice-President.

Also on the German sports scene he held several important positions. As Director of the National Committee for competitive sports he actively took part in the political reunification of Germany for sports matters. He was founding director of the leadership academy of the former German sports federation “Deutscher Sportbund (DSB)” and one of the main persons responsible for the creation of the DSB trainer academy in Cologne.

One of the most important highlights in Andresen’s life was to guide both German national teams as head of delegation to the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich.  In his function as Volleyball coach he celebrated from 1965 on, no less than seven championship titles with the Men’s team of USC Münster.

President Wei presented to Ms. Andresen the commemorative plate awarded to Dr. Andresen at the FIVB Congress in September whilst also visiting the grave of Dr. Andresen in the company of the president of the German Volleyball Federation Mr. Werner von Moltke, mayor of Wildsteig Mr. Josef Taffertshofer and the president of the Bavarian Volleyball Federation Mr. Klaus Draushke.

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