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Development Fund Steering Committee meets in Lausanne

Everything from educational classes to Volleyball camps will be considered when national federations and Confederations make proposals to use the FIVB Development Fund

Lausanne, Switzerland, June 1, 2010 - The Steering Committee for the ground-breaking FIVB Development Fund met at the Lausanne headquarters of the governing body for Volleyball on Tuesday.

The members of the Committeee, which consists of FIVB President Mr. Jizhong Wei, Executive Vice-President, FIVB Treasurer and Steering Committee President Mr. André Meyer, Executive Vice-Presidents Mr. Habu Ahmed Gumel and Mr. Vicente Araujo, Julio Perez Alfaro from the Uruguay Volleyball Federation, FIVB Technical and Development Director Mr. Helgi Thorsteinsson and FIVB Finance Director Mr. Yves Eymann *, discussed and confirmed the functioning and procedures for the landmark Development Fund project, which is aimed at strengthening the sport of Volleyball and its administrators around the world. The FIVB is ready to support Confederation and Federation development projects to the tune of $5million, which had been budgeted for 2010.

“This meeting sets the groundwork on how to proceed for a project which is crucial for the future of Volleyball and the well-being of the international Volleyball community,” FIVB President Mr. Jizhong Wei said. “Today, we have an excellent opportunity to put in place the tools to enable all aspects of Volleyball to grow stronger around the world. As in any organization, we should be judged on our weaknesses, not on our strengths, and that is one area which the FIVB Development Fund will help the FIVB to address to enable the entire FIVB family to stronger together.”

Key issues confirmed were that applications can be made by Confederations and also received by national federations and zonal associations through Confederations. Guidelines will be drafted to illustrate the application process for members to make proposals.

The Steering Committee also discussed and examined the first proposals which were received from the Nigeria Volleyball Federation and the Confederations of South America, NORCECA and Asia. Whilst the first proposals have been received, supplementary information is still required before a proposal from the Steering Committee can be made to the FIVB Executive Group for approval.

The FIVB Development Fund project provides national federations with the opportunity to propose, via Confederations, development projects to be funded by the governing body of Volleyball. The aim of the FIVB Development Fund is to provide increased and improved support to national federations through the FIVB Confederations, motivating them to prepare programmes at the grass root level that can become eligible for funding, with development of youth teams for competitions particularly in mind.

Tuesday’s meeting was the first for the Steering Committee and will follow with another meeting during the 2010 World Congress, which will be held in Rome, Italy from September 9-10. In principle the Steering Committee will meet three times per year and will be looking to establish a calendar in 2011 in order to grant to federations a plan for when to schedule their requests.

* Executive Vice-Presidents Dr. Sivanthi Adityan and Ing. Marta Centeno O. De Sajche were excused


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