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Historic visit by FIVB President to Palestine

FIVB President Jizhong Wei and Palestine Prime Minister Mr. Salam Fayadh with players from the final Palestine Cup Match

Lausanne, Switzerland, March 25, 2010 – For the first time in FIVB history, the FIVB President Mr. Jizhong Wei completed a visit to Palestine on Thursday in order to strengthen relations in the region and explore opportunities where the sport of Volleyball can help the people of the region.

The two-day trip saw President Wei, who was accompanied by FIVB Board of Administration member Mr. Essa Hamza Ahmad Al Failakawi (KUW), attend the final Palestine Cup Match with Palestinian Prime Minister Mr. Salam Fayadh whilst participating in individual meetings with the Secretary General of the Palestinian Presidency Mr. Tayeb Abdul-Raheem, the chairman of the Palestinian Olympic Committee Mr. Jebreel AL-Rojoub, the President of the Palestinian Volleyball Federation Mr. Yahya Bassah and the under secretary of the Palestinian Youth and Sports Ministry Mr. Mousa Abu Zaid.
"This visit is an historic moment for the FIVB and illustrates the length the FIVB will go to foster new areas of development and to illustrate how sport, particularly Volleyball, can be a source of strength and comradeship," President Wei said. "I was particularly touched by the warm welcome and the visible effect the visit has on such a community and we look forward to working with the Palestine Volleyball Federation in the future to create plenty of opportunities for the people of Palestine to play and practice a sport they love."

“On behalf of the sports people in Palestine I am very happy to have been able to welcome the FIVB President to Palestine,” Mr. Fayadh said. “This is the second time that we have had the honour to welcome an International Sports Federation President (FIFA President visited in 2008) and it has provided us with an excellent opportunity to build the necessary links to increase the support of sport and youth in Palestine.”
President Wei, who also paid a visit the late Palestinian President Yasser Arafat monument in Ramallah, met with the President of the Jordanian Volleyball Federation Dr. Essam Jumah and board members in Jordan on his way to Palestine to discuss the relationship between the Jordanian Federation and the FIVB.

Palestine is one of 65 Asia Volleyball Confederation national federations affiliated to the FIVB. The FIVB has 210 member federations in total.

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