FIVB Year Book 2012 - page 7

Beach Volleyball World Championships
in Poland in 2013 and in the Netherlands
in 2015, and the 2014 Volleyball World
Championships for men in Poland and for
women in Italy.
Preceding the Congress proper was the
second FIVB Congress Workshop, a one-
day seminar for emerging federations
during which the FIVB Technical and
Development Department presented
instructive examples of growth and
activities to further expand volleyball
with illustrations of how sport can help
In his closing remarks, outgoing President
and new Honorary President Wei said:
“I would like to congratulate you all for
electing your new president and your new
leading team. Now, a new era is opened
by you and for you. You have all made this
Congress successful. I’m sure that the FIVB
will continue to develop thanks to your
common effort. I will be a volunteer and
ready to serve you at any time.”
Key Constitution modifications
–– Gender-in-minority members of the
Board are eligible to become President.
–– Board of Administration members
may only be removed from office by
decision of the Board of Administration
or of the Congress, for just cause; or
automatically, when their respective
Confederation’s General Assembly
withdraws its endorsement (not
applicable to the President and the two
members of the gender-in-minority,
who have been elected by the FIVB
–– CAS was recognised as the ultimate
appeals body. Disputes arising from
the Constitution, the Regulations and
decisions of the FIVB and of its judicial
bodies shall be submitted exclusively
to CAS and be definitively settled by a
tribunal constituted in accordance with
the Code of Sports-related Arbitration
(CAS Code). Subject to Article
(regarding Congress decisions), recourse
may be made to CAS only after all FIVB
internal remedies have been exhausted.
–– The FIVB Congress also approved the
recognition of four FIVB judicial bodies
consisting of a Disciplinary Panel, an
Appeals Panel, an Ethics Panel and the
FIVB Tribunal.
The 206 federations which participated in the presidential election in Anaheim was an FIVB record, surpassing the previous best of 196 set in Tokyo, Japan in 2006
Anita de Frantz speaking
on behalf of the IOC President
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