FIVB Year Book 2012 - page 6

New leadership for a new era
Anaheim, California, deep in the
heartland of American volleyball and
beach volleyball, was the setting for the
FIVB World Congress from September
19 to 21. It was a Congress that witnessed
the victory of Dr. Ary S. Graça F° in the
FIVB’s first truly democratic presidential
election – the start of a new era for this
world governing body.
Dr. Graça, previously President of the
Brazil Volleyball Federation and the South
America Confederation, and an FIVB
Executive Vice-President, became only
the fourth President of the FIVB since it
The FIVB has now
turned its attention
to modernisation and
was founded in 1947. He recorded 103
votes, with USA Volleyball CEO Doug
Beal obtaining 86 and Australia Volleyball
Federation President Chris Schacht 15. A
total of 206 federations participated, a
record for an FIVB Congress (two votes
were invalid).
Former FIVB President Jizhong Wei had
promised to oversee the FIVB’s first
democratic election and that was exactly
what happened, with each federation
voting by secret ballot for one of the three
candidates. “I would like to address my
thanks to those who trusted me, to those
who voted for me,” President Graça, 69,
told the Congress. “We will prepare the
FIVB in a modern era following the work
President Wei has done. We are here
tomorrow to make our sport one of the
biggest in the world.”
The two minority gender positions on
the FIVB Board of Administration were
confirmed as Mrs Marta Centeno O. De
Sajche (Guatemala) and Mrs Rita Subowo
(Indonesia), elected by the General
Assembly. The Congress also ratified
the new FIVB Board of Administration,
consisting of 31 members – 29 elected by
the Continental Confederation’s General
Assembly plus the two gender-in-minority
There were a number of other key items
on the agenda: modifications to the FIVB
Constitution; a review of all the FIVB’s
accounts and finances, including external
and internal audit reports; approval of the
2013 to 2015 budgets; and presentations
from each of the organisers of future
FIVB events, including the age-group
Volleyball World Championships and the
Dr. Ary S. Graça F° became the fourth FIVB President after earning 103 of the 204 votes recorded in the first round of voting
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