FIVB Year Book 2012 - page 25

The 12-day coaches’ course in Valletta, Malta in July welcomed coaches from Russia, Turkey, Croatia, England, the Netherlands, Belgium, Cyprus and Australia
Coaches from the Baltic region took part in an FIVB Technical Seminar on defence, serving
and liberos from September 12 to 16 at the Zemgale Olympic Centre in Jelgava, Latvia
Women’s beach volleyball in Vanuatu received funding from
Olympic Solidarity following help from the FIVB’s Development
Fund to support their quest to reach the London Olympics
The FIVB continued its strong technical
cooperation with Olympic Solidarity on
various courses and technical support
granted for volleyball and beach
volleyball. Following the success of
the Vanuatu women’s beach volleyball
team over the last year, other countries
that saw massive growth in recent
years included Zimbabwe, Togo and
Uruguay. These were singled out at the
2012 FIVB Congress Workshop for their
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