FIVB Year Book 2012 - page 24

The fast-growing database of technical
material available online was key to
the FIVB’s development strategy 2012.
High-standard, multimedia teaching
aids that can be accessed and used by
coaches, regardless of how far they are
from a centralised volleyball training
programme, are indispensable assets in
the continued growth of the sport.
Updated online technical material was
released for all coaches and instructors
to provide them with the latest technical
evaluations from FIVB competitions
in 2011 and video demonstrations
from the 2012 Olympics. The FIVB
Technical Youtube channel has become
a comprehensive source for video
instruction, including drills, warm-
up exercises and important scenarios
demonstrated with footage of top
international teams in competition.
Printable A3-sized technical posters,
which show step-by-step how to perform
basic volleyball techniques and actions,
are also available on
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