FIVB Year Book 2012 - page 21

The Cool Volley initiative was introduced
with the aim of attracting more young
people to volleyball, helping National
Federations raise the profile of the
game in their country. In 2012 its
success prompted a decree at the 33
FIVB Congress that National Federations
should be encouraged to use the
concept as often as possible to promote
volleyball among children within their
own countries.
Over the past three years, more
than 120 National Federations have
taken advantage of these grassroots
development initiatives to the benefit of
some 1.3 million youngsters.
Approximately 110 students aged 10-12 took part in a Cool
Volley Festival in St. Kitts and Nevis on February 3. The National
Federation is now following up with 21 primary schools,
hoping to present an expanded programme in the future.
In September about 1,700 primary school children
joined a Cool Volley Festival at Repinga Court in Maputo,
Mozambique. The event provided an opportunity to
bring together school children from all of Mozambique’s
provinces and teach them the principles of the sport.
210 players participated in a Cool Volley Festival in Bahrain in October
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