FIVB Year Book 2012 - page 20

On-going efforts to support the organisation of Mini Volleyball and Cool
Volley Festivals in primary schools for boys and girls in Afghanistan
The Cook Islands are among the Pacific island nations taking to beach volleyball and building the infrastructure to allow both locals and visitors to learn and play the sport
The FIVB Development Fund continued
to provide support for positive social
change through volleyball in 2012.
Involving local authorities volleyball
is a tool to facilitate the work of the
Federations and secure the support
of infrastructure in their countries.
Countries such as Burundi and Burkina
Faso have shown the value of this
approach – the Presidents of both
countries directly support and help
Tanzania, where for 10 years there
were no school sports programmes at
all, is now the scene for an on-going
project to provide volleyball training to
600 teachers across the country – the
initiative is expected to introduce some
12,000 Tanzanian students to the sport.
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