FIVB Year Book 2012 - page 14

In August, the Nepalese capital, Kathmandu, played host to a Mass Volley Festival. The FIVB supports
a project in Nepal in order to develop competitive youth teams, and a focus on grassroots development to bring up a new generation of players.
In March, the FIVB again went to huge efforts
to develop volleyball in Palestine with a Level I
Coaches Course
The FIVB is committed to grassroots development
of volleyball, including in marginal and isolated
communities around the world
These efforts have drawn the attention of
the sports development community. The
United Nations High Commissioner for
Refugees recognised the FIVB for its on-
going commitment, solidarity and support
to refugee youth around the world. The
UN Office on Sport for Development
and Peace committed to deepening
cooperation on youth leadership camps
that provide training and skills to young
role models using grassroots, community-
based sports programmes to improve their
In 2012, the FIVB continued to develop
and deepen relationships with National
Federations, Confederations and outside
organisations with shared goals. The
Technical and Development Department
delivered programmes and materials to
isolated or neglected communities based
on the fundamental principles adopted
by the FIVB of fairness, equal opportunity
and transparency. Over 105 courses and
seminars were held through the year.
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