FIVB Year Book 2012 - page 11

beach volleyball and volleyball under a
single umbrella with a coming together of
common themes. Important rules changes
were considered, especially the right of a
team to replace an injured or disqualified
libero with a second libero, if the team has
one in the list, or to re-designate another
player in the list.
Refereeing Commission
The Commission reviewed Refereeing
Delegate Reports from 2011 world
competitions and reports on refereeing
courses in 2011. Then, in a joint meeting
with the Rules of the Game Commission,
the Refereeing Commission discussed
harmonization of the rules of volleyball
and beach volleyball. The Coaching
Commission joined both the Rules of
the Game and Refereeing Commissions
to consider a proposal to introduce a
challenge system for referee decisions at
FIVB world events using video replay – an
idea trialled at the 2012 FIVB Club World
Beach Volleyball Commission
When the Beach Volleyball Commission
met in November, members agreed to
a greater commitment to a sustainable
model of international beach volleyball
events, and continued development of the
Continental Cup and World Cup.
It was decided that Grand Slam events
must be positioned as the FIVB’s elite
property, with Open events as an
intermediate property providing more
opportunities for athletes’ participation
worldwide. A new competition, the Under
23 World Championships, will be added
to the FIVB’s beach volleyball international
events calendar.
The Beach Volleyball Commission was
preceded by a Continental Cup and World
Cup Workshop that reviewed the success
of the first edition of the Continental Cup
Sports Events Council
The Sports Events Council announced,
during its two-day meeting in December,
the introduction of a new tournament
as part of the FIVB’s volleyball calendar
in 2013. The FIVB Volleyball Under 23
World Championships Open for men and
women will provide another opportunity
for age-group players to participate in an
international tournament with the goal of
reducing the gap between age-group and
senior level volleyball.
The Sports Events Council also decided
that the Junior and Youth World
Championships would be renamed to be
now known as the Under 18 Girls’ World
Championship, Under 19 Boys’ World
Championship, Under 20 Women’s World
Championship and Under 21 Men’s World
Furthermore, the council firmed up
the individual qualification criteria to
the 2016 Olympic Games qualification
events, which will be proposed to the
FIVB Board of Administration in 2013 for
final approval. The proposed participants
for the 2015 FIVB Volleyball World Cup
– which will feature 12 teams – are the
host country, the 2014 world champions
and two countries per confederation
either via a continental tournament or
the two highest ranked countries from
the continental or FIVB ranking as of
January 1, 2015. The four 2016 World
Olympic Qualification Tournaments will
each feature a host country plus three
other countries coming from the top
two teams not yet qualified from each
World League and World Grand Prix
The World Grand Prix Council decided to
expand to 20 teams for the first time in
2013 at its annual meeting. The Council
decided to add World Cup winners Italy,
world champions Russia, 2012 World
Grand Prix bronze medallists Turkey and
Germany to the 16 teams already qualified
to ensure all of the world’s top 10 ranked
nations will participate in 2013.
The move follows the decision by the
World League Council to increase the
annual men’s tournament from 16 to 18
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