FIVB Year Book 2012 - page 10

Development Commission
The Development Commission noted
the success and growth of the
Volley All
over the past three years. Building
on these foundations, the Development
Commission meeting decided the
programme would serve as the
basic tool to expand volleyball and beach
volleyball throughout the world, helping
achieve the goals projected by the FIVB
under the World Vision Plan for 2016.
The Commission also decided to target
volleyball at schools and use Cool Volley
as an example at schools in 2013 to
encourage expansion of the sport from
a young age, to establish a strategic plan
for the 160 Category I and II National
Federations, to create more instructional
videos to assist coaches and teachers and
work as an adjunct to the 2011 Beach
Drill book for beginners and advanced
players, and to establish a close working
programme with the national federations
of the 13 existing Development Centres
around the world.
Medical Commission
The Medical Commission welcomed
the World Anti-Doping Agency Board
declaration that the FIVB is fully code-
compliant. Additionally, the Commission
noted that significant human and
financial investments for the anti-doping
programme have been fulfilled by the FIVB,
underscored that the FIVB has worked
actively with other major team sports
federations to ensure the anti-doping
code is adapted to the needs of volleyball,
and highlighted the referee health checks
carried out during competitions and the
procedures established to deal with the
results of these examinations.
The commission discussed the results of
the inaugural FIVB Volleyball Medicine
Congress 2011 in Bled, Slovenia, held in
collaboration with the Slovenian Volleyball
Federation, and decided to organise
similar congresses every three years. The
heat stress monitoring programme, which
collects data on heat conditions during all
events on the World Tour, as well as any
heat-related medical forfeits during the
competition, was also discussed.
Press Commission
The Press Commission focused on the
tremendous growth and increased
productivity of the FIVB Press Department
work. Key initiatives were introduced to
better serve the sport, support coming from
the confederation and national federation
press officers brought significant benefits,
and great progress was made on the FIVB
website – a fact reflected in a significant
increase in visitor traffic. A new online
accreditation system for journalists was
introduced. Publications have also shown
a lot of improvement through new-look
designs and content aimed at attracting
new attention to the sport. The new FIVB
e-Newsletter, published electronically
every week was also presented.
Technical Commission
The Technical Commission looked at
efforts made to enhance the FIVB’s
wide range of technical and teaching
materials in both paper and electronic
formats that have achieved highly visible
and tangible results. Improvements to
teaching materials have resulted in the
publication of a new coaches’ manual,
now available in English, French and
Spanish, and a growing number of
capable manufacturers are providing
FIVB homologated sports equipment –
especially for flooring.
Coaching Commission
The Coaching Commission announced
the launch of a coaching database, to
help utilise and grow coaching talent
around the world. International coaches
of all levels can register their details and
CV to the FIVB coaching database at
CoachRegistration.asp. Once registered,
coaches will receive a log in and password
to maintain their online details and their
availability dates on a global calendar.
The key goals of the coaching database are
to help organise internal communication
concerning the FIVB’s competitive activities
(competition regulations, information and
feedback), increase collaboration amongst
coaches in development activities (team
coaching, seminars and courses), while
also assisting in the overall evolution of
Rules of the Game Commission
The Rules of the Game Commission’s main
deliberations were over the integration of
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